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I find myself trying to make plans to benefit the collective and that in congeniality with interested people they offer their charity for the solidity of a forthcoming civility.


Descuida lo que escuchas, Interioriza desconociendo

How can I not change the world?
A day arrives in which I decide to change, that circulating through your channel, my precepts are altered for a commitment that I take as my own, I direct my attention in preparing myself for
dominate over all criteria that opposes my idea of ​​improving civility and that today
day continues to passion.
Suppression of many of the realities, I say this by valuing countries in Latin America; I am
dismayed to know what is absent and not act (for not being able to) and have full validity to say
that there is no need to find other solutions, that there are enough, we are only lacking in
individuals and their intentional plans to the future of the future for these moments to guide the
sagacious aptitudes that you already have, in other words: we have. But that cluster has to be made
of capacity in our determining reality.
At the time of greatest dejection, the days counted mostly to replace the
insistence I had on life and I bet on my conviction, which is, what I think is ideal
in the function of helping you to do it with your good wood and to satisfy in you what you want with your philanthropic intentions.
I am asking here to know that I have a capacity that has been dormant up to now; I would not be happy if you decided to support yourself with how you think of what you see in your daily life,
I want you to see more than someone who claims to be happy with the remediable difficulties to ONLY
change perceptions, make bad news inaudible; stop and stop seeing
internal problems of nearby towns, belligerent countries; all that meets a
name but the measures are superfluous before actions that I already want to start and take
people to build step by step so that each execution means an event that is
close interaction of people with human beings (and sensitize our intentions, those of
all), which symbolically makes us dehumanize when they work for money, for
companies that only control to direct us, mostly, lives with hardship and in
needs related to education, this teaching that does not aspire to take us more than
the cycle of deterioration of mine and our world.
I suppose we find ourselves in a possible change of the one that sure when taking labor we will leave without
neglect nothing, you only dedicate to limit my solution neat (and not yet very well
detailed in this text); found to the front in an amendment to an inescapable problem.
And it is therefore, I consider that without your support in the push of my plan I have no possibility of
start right now to avoid corrosion of the difficulty that I wish to eradicate.

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