"Celebrating African Youth Innovators"


3 questions, 3 minutes, your story

The COVID-19 outbreak has now effected over 5 million people globally, causing countries to close their borders and declare internal lockdowns at the expense of local business. Half a billion people are expected to be pushed into poverty due to the consequences of the virus

In the midst of all the pandemonium created by the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, Africa must position itself to come out of this better organized by leveraging technology in business, agriculture, blue economy, green growth, smart cities and the likes to drive the continent’s industrialization. The Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA), in partnership with the International Trade Centre's (ITC) Ye! Community, have created a video messaging campaign to source positive experiences of young entrepreneurs, SMEs and business leaders on innovative ways to build a shield for local businesses and tackle the challenges caused by COVID-19.

Two winners will be chosen:

  1. Selected by ITC and YALDA from amongst the videos with the top 5 most votes.
  2. The people's choice winner will go to the video that receives the most votes from sharing across social media channels

Winners will receive:

  • Technical assistance from ITC to support the winner in positioning his/her business towards gaining access to international markets, one-on-one support for export strategy development and market segmentation, as well support with market analysis and comprehension.

  • Invitation to the next YES Forum with a verified speaking role as a young African youth innovator

  • 30 minute one-on-one virtual discussion with ITC's Executive Director to discuss business, trade, and what youth need to support their enterprises.

ما هو النظام المتبع في هذه المسابقات؟

To be a part of this extraordinary campaign, you must upload a HIGH QUALITY (resolutions of 480p and above) video of yourself, of MAXIMUM 3 minutes!

In the video be sure to answer the following questions: 

  • “How has COVID-19 impacted your business?” 

  • “What innovative approaches are you using to shield your business?”

  • “What steps do you recommend others take to help save their businesses?”

To win this contest, you must do the following:

  1. Create a profile on the Ye! Community website
  2. Upload your video to the Ye! Community platform (your video must be on youtube to be uploaded. (Directions here)
  3. Get the link to your video and share it with your network! Get your friends, family and colleagues to vote for your video by sharing your video link on social media. The more you share, the more votes you will receive.
  4. On July 15 we  will close the submissions.
  5. From the 15 - 22 July, this period will be strictly reserved for voting for videos that have been submitted.
  6. From 22 July, we will review the top 5 videos with the most votes to select the ITC/YALDA choice and the people's choice winners!
  7. Winners will be announced at the end of July!

تقدم بطلب الآن

الشروط والأحكام

  1. The video should be at least 30 seconds, MAXIMUM 3 minutes.

  2. You can have a video of yourself talking, or you talking over pictures to go along with what you are saying, or a combination of both. Be CREATIVE! If you do a group video, make sure there are also individual clips. You can also video your projects, enterprises or other activities to make the video come alive and be more interesting.

  3. Please NO face shots only! We will take half body shots or full body shots and different angles are encouraged.

  4. Video background must be DECENT and dynamic, though it can also be plain. AVOID shots in untidy offices and rooms.

  5. You must not have writing or sub-titles on the video, it must be completely raw footage.

  6. Aim for the HIGHEST POSSIBLE QUALITY with no background noise or blurry imagery. Videos can be filmed with a mobile phone. Landscape format is preferred.

​FAQs can be found here