Powwownow was one of the first Internet instant message and chat programs. Today, it allows you to make instant and hassle free conference calls to anywhere at anytime.

Key Features:

  • Chat with any country in the world! With a large range of international dial-in numbers, using Powwownow you can have a conference call with as many people around the world as you like.
  • Work from everywhere anytime! With instant conference calling, you can jump on a call 24/7 on demand. No booking, no billing, no fuss!
  • Low-cost dial-in from your mobile! Powwownow offers low-cost, dial-in numbers for your conference calls by either both landlines or mobile phones for their shared cost number. Meaning you can get out of the office and break free from a landline by using your mobile when you're on the go.
  • No bridging fees. When you dial-in to a Powwownow number, you'll only pay the cost of your call. There's no bridging fee which many other providers charge just to connect the call. You'll be billed as normal on your monthly phone bill from your provider.

Read more on Powwownow website and find the plan that suits you and your business.

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