‪Ye!‬ is represented in a number of countries by the most inspiring and driven young entrepreneurs!

They are not just successful business leaders, but they are also driven to support other young entrepreneurs in their country. They are the face of ‪Ye!‬ in their countries, organize meetups and events,  and build partnerships with other organizations.

Meet our current ambassadors!

And read just a few examples of what they’ve been up to.

  • Anielle Guedes (Brazil) has been an active advocate for youth entrepreneurship, both in Brazil and internationally.
  • Kyerewa Atta-Krah (Ghana) is setting up a radio talk-show to share inspirational stories of Ghanaian entrepreneurs.
  • Tom Osborn (Kenya) organized the Startup Weekend in Nairobi and participated in G20 events, representing young entrepreneurs worldwide.
  • Lanre Adeloye Olanrewaju (Nigeria) is the founder of Babymigo, a startup which connects pregnant mothers with local experts. He is also the Ye! entrepreneur who met the Queen of England!
  • Jay Mark Balmes (Philippines) and Chino Atilano (Philippines) are driving the ‪Ye!‬ Caravan to the universities in the Philippines, bringing star entrepreneurs and speakers to meet up with students! And by simultaneously building partnerships across the Philippines, they’re really building the entrepreneurship ecosystem from the ground up!
  • Sandra Letio (Uganda) organized the first ever purely youth organized Ye! Uganda Summit. Over 130 of Uganda's young entrepreneurs attended the two day Summit. Sandra also holds regular breakfast meet-ups with the Ye! local chapter of Uganda.
  • Gilbert Mwale (Zambia) won the Ye! Pitching Event Zambia in March, 2017 and is now beginning to create a Ye! local chapter to foster a stronger startup ecosystem within Zambia.

We are now looking for more inspiring young entrepreneurs to lead the ‪Ye!‬ Community worldwide! 

As a ‪Ye!‬ Country Ambassador, you’ll be the face of ‪Ye!‬ in your country and help build the online and offline entrepreneur community on the ground. 

What does that mean? You will be the go-to person for the ‪Ye!‬ members in your country. You will build partnerships in your country. You can organize local meetups, pitching events, and represent ‪Ye!‬ in various national and international events. But you can basically get as creative as you like!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a ‪Ye!‬ ambassador in your country? Get in touch with us!

Some details on the ambassadorship:

  • Requirements: You need to 1) have started your own business; 2) be an inspiring example to other young entrepreneurs; and 3) be under 30 years old
  • There is no financial compensation for the position – all our ambassadors are doing it because they want to make a difference! But, the role is a lot of fun and comes with a lot of exposure – you can’t put a price on that!
  • Assignment is on the basis of 1 year, but can be extended.