26 October 2020

Ye! Coffee Roulette

Your voices came through loud and clear! Based on a recent survey conducted amongst members of the Ye! Community, approximately 90% of the respondents expressed their desire to be connected with a mentor.

As Ye! continues to seek new and innovative ways to engage its community of young entrepreneurs and experts, we are rolling out the Ye! Coffee Roulette pilot with entrepreneurs and coaches on the Ye! platform.

What do we want to achieve from this pilot?

The Ye! Coffee Roulette is an innovative approach to traditional coaching. It aims to connect various experts and entrepreneurs from the Ye! Community in a series of random matches, leveraging the RandomCoffee Technology. The process will allow coaches and entrepreneurs to ESPRESSO their knowledge and experience, as well as to BREW new ideas and solutions! 

The Role of the Expert

A mentor acts as a guide and aims to convey valuable information that can help an entrepreneur manage his or her business better. Within this pilot, the expectation is that each expert leverages his or her expertise and knowledge to provide advice, counselling, unique insights, anecdotal stories, encouragement and in certain instances, network connections. The expert’s purpose should be to foster confidence and equip the young entrepreneur with knowledge and insights that can help him or her develop himself or herself as an entrepreneur and help the business grow.

The Role of the Entrepreneur

In this pilot, the young entrepreneur should come to the coffee chat as both a continuous learner and the driver of the conversation. The entrepreneur is expected to take an active role in driving the conversation, setting expectations and identifying learning goals and measures for growth. In this process, the entrepreneur should be open to hear constructive criticism and being asked tough questions, while also asking tough questions themselves. They should seek feedback on their current actions or work, as well as follow through on commitments and take necessary actions to put the mentor’s advice into practice.

How does it work?

We will link coaches and entrepreneurs through a matching process for a period of 2 months per match for (virtual) coffee and business discussions. The pilot will span 6-months and facilitate three separate linkages between coaches and entrepreneurs.


  • October 2020 – First cohort is on-boarded and coffee chats begin.
  • December 2020 – Second pairings are matched and new coffee chats begin.
  • February 2021 – Third and final pairings are matched and coffees discussions begin for the final round of the pilot.
  • April 2021- Impact assessment conducted and results analyzed


Not involved in the Coffee Roulette pilot? No worries, at Ye!, our experts and entrepreneurs are always ready to connect. You just need to create a Ye! profile here and start reaching out!

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