About me

Am interested in development among the youth to instill moral decency and creativity to enhance future sustainable development. I believe youth empowerment in the right direction is the key in solving social and cultural developmental problem in the near future. I believe in God and channel my course for his praise.

International Kingdom Exposure (I.K.E) Consult

If there's any change for the world to come it is the now programming.

International Kingdom Exposure Consult seeks to address the need of the present generation in the aspect of capacity building to harness hidden potentials to maximize future benefits. Our main focus is the mental programming of the youth in the aspect of socio-cultural development. We the people of kingdom consult believe that the mind frame of a person is very paramount when it comes to socio-cultural development.
Our misssion to reach to the a greater percentage of the human race to pattern their thinking with regards to socio-cultural development, moral decency, innovation, creativity and patriotism.
With the right mind frame in the direction of loyalty, hard work, God fearing, socio-cultural development and truthfulness the society we live in will become violence free, corruption free and bias free.
Our services include; career coaching, online counseling, capacity building etc

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