About me

I am a faculty member of College of Engineering and the Innovation Labs Director at De La Salle University — Lipa. Being a member of Greenpeace Philippines, I have traveled many places promoting environmental campaigns. I also love hiking which brought me to the majestic mountains of Kalinga where it all began. The product concept was formed after living with the natives of the Butbut tribe for days relying only on kerosene lamps and moonlight to do evening chores.

My interests vary from astronomy to classical music to embedded systems and electrochemistry.

Sustainable Alternative Lighting Corp.

This isn't just a product, it's a social movement.

We are a social startup developing a sustainable and cost effective ecological lamp activated by saltwater. We aim to help the marginalized island sector of the Philippines who do not have access to electricity by partnering with NGOs and foundation to help purchase and distribute the lamps for sustainable growth. Getting this product in retail, we will follow suit on TOM's one is to one -- so for every one lamp you buy, we give one lamp to a family who needs it.

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