About me

Amanda Obidike is the Executive Director of STEMi Makers Africa. In this role, she provides leadership, strategy management and oversees the design and implementation of sustainable Community projects and STEM Education across 17 Sub-Saharan countries by preparing the next generation of Africans with STEM lucrative skills for Africa's workforce.

Forbes Science marked her as the Nigerian changing the culture fabric for young girls to embrace STEM. In addition to STEM, Amanda addresses thematic topics on Social Innovation, Data Science, Youth Development and reform in Education Curriculum.

STEMi Makers Africa and Calal Global

STEMi Makers Africa is focused on changing the culture fabric of under-employment, unemployment and education by providing innovative tools in teaching, technical approaches and future-focused options for Africans to shape the future of Work, solve real-world problems and become more efficient for the changing Workforce.

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