About me

I am an IT Engineer with 4 years of experience, I worked as a scrum master for 8 months at Pinhole Company before joining I.T.Grapes where my skills and experience evolved quickly because of my work involvement and capacity to learn. where I became a shareholder of its spin-off Hadrum. And Actually I am the CEO & co-founder Of I.T.Grapes (Seabex).
I am an Arab Women in Computing Ambassador in Tunisia and I was one of the female entrepreneur who was invited to Dubai to represent the Tunisian entrepreneur women in their annual conference 16-19 mai 2015


e-monitoring and smart automation system for agriculture

Our mission is to make connected devices smarter and autonomous to improve systems' efficiency and help saving resources.

We built an e-monitoring and smart automation system for agriculture called Seabex that aims to help farmers make a better use of the available resources (especially water and energy) to produce more in larger quantities and better quality.

What makes us unique is that:
– The decision making, related to which connected equipments should be enabled or disabled, is decentralized to the node level which may provide an uptime of 99.99%. It is also done in realtime, simultaneously with the monitoring of the environmental variables.
– Our system is highly scalable, it can cover 1 Ha as it can cover +50 Ha (65% of farmlands in the world) which is not the case of the existing solutions.

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