About me

Wilson Ayinbangya Amooro is professionally a registered nurse that works in rural Ghana as a \"village doctor.\" Also known as Wilson \"the Poet\" Mandela, after his idol Nelson Mandela, his poetry speaks deeply of the human experience and has been acknowledged by the UN.

As a selfless multi-talented young man, he sees no reservations but opportunities available every day. At age 26, he has carved a name for himself as an award winning Social Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Mentor, Author, humble servant and a diligent change maker.

His daily aspiration is to inspire others, before he expires.

TREE Africa

Transformation Recycle Education Eco-music

TREE Africa began as us just wanting to clean up Ghana!We wanted to encourage children to keep their environment clean.Further research indicates that clean environments and high school test scores go hand in hand.We birthed a program that encompassed education and recycling called Trash4Books Ghana.We began by giving school children reading books and schools supplies in exchange for their assistance picking up trash.Simple yet powerful.The program has since,grown into a larger organization with interrelated activities that inevitably trickle down to transformation. As agents of evolution our NGO transforms communities through recycling and teaching the importance of recycling,using children as the foundation.

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