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I am a young entrepreneur passionate about bringing positive change to my community as well as using my influence to be a role model to my peers. I am visionary, a natural strategist and totally committed to growing my company which is creating many avenues for the betterment of my society.

Maibeta Inc.

Connecting Africa to professional services

Maibeta uses its platform (Maibeta.com) and connects technical and artisanal labour to organizations and individuals for construction, maintenance and repair jobs and from this it reaps revenue to enable it continue as well as expand its operations.
Maibeta has made use of the latest technology to enable it effectively market its services, create and keep in touch with sales leads as well as convert these leads into paying customers.
Maibeta is run through the web portal www.maibeta.com and clients book for services through this portal. However, to reach a larger segment of the market, much offline connections are also made to augment the online part and ensure continuity.
Maibeta services are also available through a phone number which clients can either call or send a message via Whatsapp for follow up by the Maibeta team.

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Good day guys, I would like to ask for just a minute of your time, our startup has been accepted into the Orange Social innovation prize for Cameroon and we need your votes to give us a chance to win the national prize. Please follow this link http://entrepreneurclub.orange.com/en/social-venture-prize-2018/project/maibeta.html and click on vote and after that enter your email address and submit after the security check. You will then be prompted to log into your email and confirm your vote. Voting can be done once a day with the same email. We have 23 more days and with your support we can do it. Thanks in advance


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