About me

Meet young Bashiru Mansaray a 22-year-old Entrepreneur, Innovator, Motivational Speaker/Writer/Blogger, Humanitarian & Mentor born in Kenema, Sierra Leone.
He is the Founder and CTO of iCANSL https://icansl.tech .
He developed an online platform for Africa Entrepreneurs OS Preneur https://ospreneur.xyz/ .

OS Preneur

I am a Social Entrepreneur, Innovator, Writer & a Mentor.

OS Preneur (Organisation of Social Entrepreneurs) is designed to offer Start-up Entrepreneurs, talented individuals with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create online Crowdfunding, Multi-Vendor online shop, Job Listing, Marketing/ Advertising, Networking, and Training/Mentoring within a personalized environment.

OS Preneur also operates as an Entrepreneurial Hub to develop business ideas/start-up businesses and offer networking between businesses.

At OS Preneur, we give entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their businesses on our platform to seek funding from Angel Investors, VCs, and donors. OS Preneur is open to all level of businesses, from just a business idea to someone with an incredible talent that wants to create impact with what they have and at the same time providing services that will generate income.

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