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Benjamin Constable - CEO

Benjamin is a New Zealand professional basketball player and current CEO of FreshBox. An athletic nerd, Benjamin comes from a science background, holding a first class honours degree in Physics from Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania. He has taught physics and biology at Charlotte Latin School, North Caroliina, and has done research in both bio-physics and atmospheric / planetary science. After serving for two years as an international fellow for PeacePlayers International, South Africa — an NGO that uplifts youth through sport — Benjamin saw the need for more effective, sustainable and scalable solutions for global issues such as malnutrition.

Benjamin is FreshBox’s designer and implementer. He uses his wide spectrum of skills to grow and manage the organisation through continual innovation. He designs and builds point of sale systems, packing facilities, logistic plans, marketing strategies and more.


Hungry To Help?

FreshBox is an innovative social enterprise designed to scale, create jobs and sustainably provide healthy food to vulnerable children.

Currently focused on primary school students in Durban, South Africa, our registered Non-Profit Company sells “FreshBox Subscriptions” (weekly supplies of quality fruit and vegetables) and uses the proceeds to send bulk produce to nutritionally at-risk children. As we expand we plan to target pregnant mothers and young children at crèches and clinics.

We do not depend on the conventional forms of financial aid but instead strive to improve society through the power of sustainable business.

Subscriptions are retailed on our e-commerce store (WWW.FRESHBOX.CO.ZA). This site allows customers to purchase a FreshBox subscription instantly. Customers collect their FreshBox each week from their chosen collection point and are auto-billed monthly by our secure payment system.

FreshBox donates 1-3kg of healthy food to at-risk youth for every 1kg sold to subscribing customers by:
purchasing bulk produce from the wholesaler Durban Fresh Produce Market;
transporting it to the FreshBox packing facility;
packing customer FreshBoxes using a chain production line; and
delivering customer FreshBoxes to various collection points for customers to collect and to return their empty FreshBox from the previous week.

The beneficiaries’ food is then packed at the same facility and delivered to schools and clinics. FreshBox works with the beneficiaries and volunteers to distribute the healthy food, conduct nutritional education and monitor the impact of programmes.

FreshBox currently serves over 100 customers and is vigorously working to prove its scalability by reaching 1,000 customers in order to sustainably feed 1,600 at-risk South African children daily. We then aim to scale our model to all areas of South Africa to sell a quality product and uphold our sincere mission that —
"The food we eat
should ensure that others eat too."

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