About me

I am the co-founder & COO at Tespack, a company specialised in mobile energy. My background is in IR, HR & financials and I have expertise in renewables & wearables. I have previously written research publications about renewables for the Finnish Foreign Ministry. At Tespack, I am responsible for the day.to-day management of the company and I have successfully acquired governmental funding and raised capital from VC funds. I was awarded as one of the Top 30 Female Founders 2016 and I am honoured to have been chosen as one of the Top 10 Women in Tech Winners 2017 at the Women Startup Challenge.


Tespack is a company specialized in providing a complete mobile energy experience by combining latest technology (ultra-fast charging), solar and connectivity with premium design. We create commercially ready Smart Wear that solve the biggest problems of any wearable or mobile device: battery life and connectivity. With our latest ultra-fast charging technology (3 times faster than Qualcomm) you can charge our power banks full in minutes rather than in hours (launched during 2017). Our customers include Vodafone, Intersport, the UN and Defence Forces and we work with companies such as TomTom, GE and Austrian Space Forum with whom we are developing first Solar Smartpack for a Mars mission. Our goal is to make everyone Energy Independent.

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