About me

I created bankaroo to help kids become money smart.


Virtual bank for kids (and parents/teachers)

bankaroo is a virtual bank for kids. It will teach kids about the value of money in a simple and fun way.
You will be able to:

- Create checking, savings and charity accounts for your kids to track their allowance, gift or chore money.

- Help your kids to save up for important goals and see how money goes into and out of their bankaroo account.

- Use the bankaroo mobile app to keep track of your kids’ balance on the go, add and use funds anywhere you are.

The bankaroo service supports accounts in multiple languages and currencies including hearts, stars and points.

bankaroo was created by 11 year old Danielle, who was looking for a good way to track her money and allowance, and thought other kids could use such a tool.

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