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Desmund Egbe is the Founder and CEO of Camer Human Capital (CHC) Ltd, a management consultancy firm aimed at enhancing Africa’s human capital. Egbe represented Cameroon at the African Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop a side event of the 6th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI) in Nairobi, Kenya. He was selected to attend the World Bank Group Youth Summit (2016) at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington D.C. Egbe holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Cardiff Metropolitan University in UK, and a Bachelor Degree in Law from University of Yaounde II.

Camer Human Capital (CHC) Ltd

Enhancing Africa’s Human Capital

Camer Human Capital (CHC) Ltd is a management consultancy firm with a mission and vision to change the way People Work, and how Human Capital (People, Role & Skills) is developed and managed in Africa. CHC Ltd provides the following services to clients: Human Capital, Sales & Marketing, and Business Development Consultancy.

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The entrepreneurial ecosystem in Cameroon is changing.

Ye! Country Ambassador for Cameroon met with 12 years old Ismael, a young entrepreneur who has been into tailoring for over 1 year. Ismael is in the process to launch his clothing line “Mael Clothings”. Ismael currently blends African and Western fabrics to design clothes for kids and he has a kid model.

Though he is still under 16, Country Ambassador for Cameroon #DesmundEgbe is mentoring, coaching and providing Ismael with necessary support to boost his entrepreneurial journey.



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