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Project Nomad

Project Nomad is a cultural digital media community that will
focus exclusively on the diversity that the youth culture is composed of. Our mission, in a nutshell, is to create a platform
to talk openly about culture, question stereotypes, explore and experience different cultures, discuss about our life in the
UK as both natives and foreigners and how we perceive different aspects; simply put, a place where people connect and
relate to the content. The platform of choice is YouTube and we want to start off by taking advantage of our University’s
extraordinarily-diverse range of students nationality-wise and do a weekly web series where we casually have a sit-down
and talk about various topics such as culture, experiences, music, stereotypes, fashion and so on. The atmosphere behind
it all is being critical while having fun and realising that no matter which part of the globe we come from, we can
appreciate each other’s uniqueness and create beautiful bonds between us.

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