About me

Fasoranti disrupts!

He doesn't think outside the box, he decided long ago to throw off the box completely.

He is the go-to social entrepreneur that dusts off the smoke on your innate potentials, he guides you to kick your vision to life and helps you to make several streams of wealth out of what you love doing that people are thirsty for.

He is a professional writer and teacher that resiliently inspires young minds to live out their awesome dreams fearlessly.

He is a Fellow at:

--Kanthari International, India.
--LEAP Africa SIP, Nigeria.
--CANVASSITY Pan-Africa Youth Democracy, Nigeria.

Prikkle Academy

inspiring community builders.

Prikkle Academy helps young people to identify their skills, talents, successful experiences, education and gifts and help them connect it with community resources that they can use to create social solutions within their community.

We focus on what is strong, rather than building on what is wrong. We empower young people (especially in rural communities) to become active citizens and to empower others within their community and in a global community.

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Hello Ye! Community team, I am unable to reply to people's comment on the stream, can you please check what could be the challenge?


  1. Hi Fasoranti,
    Have you been able to make a comment? You need to click the little bubble below each ppost that says the number of comments the post has, then a new text box opens up. Does this work for you?

    -Ye! team

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Can you please share tools that you use (Free and Paid) to recover important hidden files in a flashdrive?


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