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Founder and General Manager of the First Student Cooperative Bank "Bartselana", where the child and youth is the customer and solid waste the main currency for all financial operations.

Banco Cooperativo del Estudiante Bartselana

No importa el tamaño ni la edad para crear grandes emprendimientos

Banco del Estudiante Bartselana is a corporate initiative with social and environmental responsibility, which provides real financial services to children and young people as a practical and experiential proposal of Financial Education and Inclusion.
Children and young people have a financial institution that provides 4 financial products (savings, credit, capital investment and insurance), where they learn to use these financial products and make solid waste the main currency for all financial transactions.
In addition to the Student Bank, "Bodeguita Ecológica Solidaria" was created in order to use financial products and to learn in this the use of the 4 financial products most used in the Peruvian financial system.
We also created Punto Verde, another youth company that is part of the Bank of Students, responsible for Education and Solid Waste Management.
Finally we have 2 schools of education, the first of Financial Education and the second of Entrepreneurship and Leadership.
All these enterprises are related to each other, being part of a whole, the global company of the Student Bank.
We are a bank under the cooperative model, we are a company created by a child that allows young people to develop professionally, creates job opportunities for young people, promotes care for our environment and benefits Peruvian children and young people.

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