About me

Junior Dibo Tribunal, Logistician at Otaten Company. Co-Founder of Skills and Competence, Inc. Founder of REF Cleaning Services Ghana. Graduate of Institute Polytechnique Universitaire Prive (IPUP), has HND in Electrical Engineering. Mini MBA in Entrepreneurship and Project Management on Coursera an Online Learning Platform.

Skills and competence Inc.

Skills and competence was started by the group of engineers that comes together to help students and professionals get hands-on skills that will help them where there is Job opportunities or start something on their own.
We do:

1-Cisco Lab Training.
-CCNA/CCNP Routing & Switching
-CCNA/CCNP Security

2-System Administrator
- Oracle
- Server Virtualization

3-Entrepreneurship Programs
- How to start a startup
-Human Centered design
-Goal Setting
-Personal Development.

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