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Kamal Alhmoud | Co-Founder & CEO of Aster Company

Aster Company

Aster is a social startup company founded in Amman - Jordan 2012 to become the first startup company in the Middle East provides the service of planting rooftop gardens on residential and commercial buildings.

The lack of green spaces in Jordan and the lack of the spaces that can be cultivated, because most of the Jordanian people live in apartments in buildings, so if the person lives in the second or third floor he will not be able to have a garden, in addition to the air pollution.

To address the lack of green spaces in Amman, we work to transform the city's rooftops into lush gardens. By increasing the city's greenery, Aster benefits both individual residents and the community as a whole, purifying the air and encouraging people to grow their own fruits and vegetables. Since its inception, Aster has worked on many successful projects across Amman.

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