About me

A tech entrepreneur passionate about social development specially education and youth problems, Working on my 2nd startup (InterAct labs) which is developing technological solutions to enhance education environment in Egypt & MENA region. My previous startup was developing ergonomics solutions.

Also worked in 3 volunteering jobs before (Co founding local TEDx conference, Mentor in Entrepreneurship program & Fundraiser for student organization).

My background is electronics & communication engineering, beside lots of training in business and entrepreneurship through my journey in startups and I'm fascinated by ideation and generating solutions for pressing challenges specially, solutions that would be financially self-sustained. I have a passion for social development specially education sector and youth capacity building in order to labor the market and also solving some fatal cultural problems


InterAct is tech startup developing solutions to enhance education environment in Emerging economies. started with Touchizer which is a small device, pen and software that can converts any wall into interactive whiteboard for education purpose . Imagine educator now can use all computer capabilities in affordable and user friendly way.

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