About me

I began my career in 2013 by founding a camera accessories firm, to provide aspiring young filmmakers with affordable camera gear. I then developed a higher interest in marketing and IT and co-founded the marketing agency Marketing Street in 2015, which has been providing marketing and IT solutions to major clients in Estonia.
We have developed digital learning platforms, e-commerce solutions and apps to known Estonian clients. We have also helped clients in the Fashion and Design industries to generate sales locally and globally.
Since August 2015 I have dedicated myself to developing and gro


Farm goods trading platform

SIBIS is an online marketplace connecting local farmers with citizens in demand of fresh and high quality farm goods.

We are building a loyal community of food lovers and local farmers. Our online marketplace allows citizens to order fresh farm goods straight from farmers avoiding central storage facilities. The food gets delivered straight to the doorsteps of the client within 24 hours, guaranteeing freshness of the produce.

Our short supply chain helps farmers get more profit from their products and allows to keep modest pricing at superior quality. Doing so, we are creating a revolution in the food retail market, where food usually gets to people through numerous middle-men.

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