About me

Have considerable experience in International Finance, Marketing, People Management. Have established, developed and managed large profit centers of International banks as CEO/Country Head in over 10 countries including India, UK, USA, taking them to new heights both in business and profitability. Since 1998, I decided to get involved with National Community Organisations like Prince’s Trust, Victim Support, Citizen Advice Bureau, Royal Free Hospital Charity, Educational Institutions to directly contribute to the betterment of lives of common people.

Coaching offering

Marketing, Team Management, Finance, and Business Development

I think my coaching can be of most value to entrepreneurs from Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe & Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa.
More specifically Hong Kong, India, Kenya, Malta, Mauritius, Nigeria, Philippines, Seychelles, Singapore, South Korea, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Zambia. Consulting, Education, Financial Services, Health, Media & Communication are/is the area(s) which I find most interesting.

Posts on the ‪Ye!‬ Activity Stream

I am presently mentoring AMR from Egypt who is in logistic business and wants to expand into Europe. We are presently checking how best to go about because of the strict immigration requirements in Europe


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