About me

Mwasaru is an 18 year old,GMin Amb, Collectively Amb, Co-founder and CEO of Greenpact which was born from a local demand in his school's community for renewable energy which damaged social ties among his school and neighboring school community. Pitched his idea at Techonomy'14, California,San Francisco at The Ritz Carlton in 2014, Global Minimum Youth Ambassador, developed a working prototype being used by his secondary school in Western Kenya, held workshops to sensitize on renewable energy and innovative solutions to solve local problems.


Precision in excavation!

That local in that local community problem is what will always keep HWB solutions brainstorm to turn them into opportunities, at the long run providing bio-solutions.In the theme of creative destruction, we believe our industrious young minds could be that small change however uneventful in making the earth a better place to be. That change is you! Join us in this trek!

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