About me

My academic background is in pharmacology and public health. I have experience working in PR/marketing , and as conference manager in London. During my time in the corporate sector, I found my true passion which is making a difference to individuals and communities in developing countries. In 2013, I then founded an initiative called Al Sudaniya Mentoring (ASM) which empowers and unlocks the potential of young Sudanese women.

Al Sudaniya Mentoring

Al Sudaniya Mentoring (ASM) is an initiative that was established in 2013 to empower, engage, and inspire young Sudanese women to develop their personal and professional skills to become pioneering leaders of the future. The ASM programme was set up as a result of my participation in the Milead fellowship run by the Moremi initiative. I felt strongly that a project that involved building the confidence and personal and professional skills of young Sudanese women so that they have the courage to pursue their goals was very much needed in Sudan. Women face a multitude of challenges rooted in the deeply ingrained gender roles which means that women often lack the support and guidance they need to reach their full potential. The programme was developed to address these challenges and provide an opportunity for young women to develop key skills and knowledge that will allow them to flourish, thrive, and become dynamic agents of change.

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