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Track 24 (U) Ltd

Track 24 (U) Ltd is a technology based business that develops security applications and systems for businesses. Track 24 designed and developed a low cost GPS tracking system for the local market. We mainly target Boda boda (motorcycle taxi) businesses which have been faced with high thefts. We ensure the safety of vehicles in the transport industry. Our system enables the rider to always know the location of their motorcycle and/or vehicle via a simple, basic mobile application platform. The user is able to immobilize an automobile remotely in case of theft.

Currently, Track 24 boasts of the largest market share for Boda boda tracking services. We have partnered with companies that deal in the buying and selling of motorcycles and vehicles. The company has also designed a GPS tracking chip (still at prototype stage) to enable tracking of Laptops and other electronic gadgets. Our aim is to counter rampant thefts of property across the country.
Track 24 also has fleet management and fuel monitoring technology for large fleet owners.

Track 24 also engages in corporate social responsibility endeavors. Part of our budget is allocated to Mbale City FC, a football club based in Eastern Uganda. The club harnesses, nurtures and promotes football talents of youths who are not able to raise tuition for school thus creating a livelihood for them.

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