About me

Christian is a startup ecosystem developper, Social Entrepreneur and community builder. Co- Founder and CEO General Services and Constructions (GESCO. sarl), and Cofounder of Réseau des Jeunes pour le Développement et le Leadership au Tchad (RJDLT).
Acting Managing Director of Global Entrepreneurship Network CHAD, Représentative of Club Afrique 2030. He is identified as Youth Opportunities Ambassador in Chad for his commitment of fostering startup ecosystem through connecting them to opportunities all over the world.
His Commitment is truly a valuable asset to any community.

Wen Dr

Connecting Patient to Doctors

WenDr, is an interconnection between patient and doctor (site internet/mobile/service phone application) platform. Through the services of WenDr, a patient can, through geolocation and find a doctor in its locality, available and ready to view. A communication interface between the doctor recorded and confirmed in the platform and the patient allows them to make an appointment, according to their availability and their proximity. WenDr is an online and Offline service of consultation with a doctor of his choice, (E-Consult), a scanning service orders with incorporation of services facilitating the course of the patients (E-Prescription), a service of delivery of drugs (E-pharmacy) operating on the principle of ordering drugs directly and book you a delivery service within a short time, a medical online (E-Medidoc) records management Service , And a consultation service telephone 24/7 available to address concerns and provide adequate guidance, because we know how difficult it is to access internet services in Chad.

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