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Volunteer| Social Entrepreneur|Marketing Expert|Project Coordinator@Future4Africa

Malgu Group

Malgu Group was created as an immediate social entrepreneurship venture to that will fetch extra income to facilitate the smooth running of Future4Africa a local non profit organization in Bolgatanga, Ghana. Aside donations, NGOs have to fine alternative ways of reaching funds to run their projects and that is what Malgu group seek to achieve. Our major focus is the baobab tree. The Baobab tree is a very significant tree in Africa and Malgu Group aims at projecting the benefits people can derive from this tree whiles creating a sustainable business. As part of Future for Africa's initiatives to support children in its operational communities We do empower their mothers to engage in production of baobab powder and oil. We help these women to learn best practices to improve on the quality of their products as well as find a good market for them.

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