About me

My name is Neo, I am an entrepreneur in the food and beverage industry in Botswana. I started out as a chef running my catering business and that business has evolved to roasting, blending and packaging coffee from all over the world. Some of my ambitions are to export my products, to play my part in job creation and enterprise development in Botswana and Africa and to reduce food insecurity through education and enterprise development

Romatic coffee

Romatic Coffee is a Botswana citizen owned coffee roasting company based in Gaborone, Botswana. It was stablished in June 2018 with the aim of growing the coffee industry in Botswana by supplying freshly roasted, high quality coffee sourced from the best coffee producing countries in Africa and South America. Romatic Coffee also plans to grow the industry by increasing Botswana’s visibility in the international coffee trade and becoming one of the main players in the export of roasted African Specialty coffees and African coffee blends.

We have had success in supplying the local hospitality and retail industries with coffee beans and filter coffee, with a large percentage of our market being multi national franchises and brands associated with quality such as Capello and Mugg and Bean. Our success has led to recognition and accolades from the BITC and we are certified Pride Mark users and Silver Exhibitor Award winners in the Botswana Pride category of the 2018 Global Expo, we have also received an award from Botswana Innovation Hub for outstanding performance in the 2019 Females In Bio Business Acceleration program and went on to represent Botswana in Cape Town South Africa. We have also had international recognition and have been invited By the African Fine Coffee Association to participate in the 2019 Specialty Coffee Exhibition and Conference in Kigali, Rwanda. We also seek to further expand our knowledge of the African coffee culture and trade by attending exhibitions such as the Cape Town Coffee festival, visiting coffee farms and roasteries and studying global coffee trends. We plan to use our knowledge and resources to grow into international markets, we have a capacity to supply beyond our borders, therefore we are working towards finding our niche internationally. Finding and supplying customers in the USA market will give us an opportunity to increase our workforce and create jobs for Batswana.

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