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Dedicated to Transforming Community Livelihoods Economically

Youth Initiative For Economic Transformation (YIET)

Saving, Loaning services and Setting Up of Income Generating Project.

Mobilizing and organizing the youth in groups of 15-35 Members and training them on Village Savings and Loaning Association (VSLA) management skills.
Providing the youth formed with Saving Kits to be able to start saving.
The groups then start saving an agreed amount of both minimum and Maximum on a weekly basis
After saving up to a certain Level, they start LOANING Loaning to the Members at an interest Rate.
The Loan Beneficiaries set up income Generating Projects with the Loan they have acquired.
YIET Monitors the projects to ensure Sustainability
The Loans are repaid by the members after an agreed period of time by the members
Every member who take a loan and starts up an income Generating Project should employ other people so as to create a chain of improving Livelihoods
We conduct Meetings ranging from;
(a). Weekly Meetings, to carryout the weekly savings
(b). Monthly Meetings for Loan recovery, Discussion of Challenges and the solutions to the problems
(c). Quarterly Meetings, to review the projects
(d). Annual Meetings, to wrap up the year's activities and lay down strategies for the new year.
We work Closely with the youth groups in order to improve their Livelihoods.

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