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Co-Founder and CEO of TimeFree, an enterprise software company helping businesses streamline operational efficiency and improve staff productivity through data analytics.

Specialties: Sales, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Operations Management


Life is too short to wait in line.

TimeFree is a virtual queuing solutions company that helps businesses improve customer queuing in their stores, thus improving customer loyalty and customer service, and give business owners and managers access to actionable data to streamline store operations for better efficiency and enhance staff productivity.

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An interesting take on market penetration and market share and how these traditional metrics might be part of the problem for incumbents missing out on opportunities. Think about Kodak, Yahoo, and Friendster. It doesn't paint the whole picture but gives some things to think about.

"Transaction data tells you what people bought, not what they want — and sales are not the same as demand."

"Category creators are changing the world — and our metrics need to keep up."


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The Paradox of Sales

"The more you try to sell, the less your client wants to buy."



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