About me

I have built a career spanning all aspects of technology marketing within the Telco industry. I have held roles in Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, Product Marketing, Segmentation, and Insights as well as Product Innovation.

I previously worked at Safaricom PLC where my experience covered both the Consumer and Enterprise Segments, and successfully rolled out various brand campaigns, as well as telco, and digital financial services (DFS) products.

I recently lead Telkom Kenya's foray into cutting edge projects such as setting up a mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) platform, the partnership with The X Company on Project Loon, as well as launching a new API Gateway.

Currently the Co-founder and CEO of Digiduka, where we are building the largest digital retail network in Africa

Duka Technologies Limited

Duka Financial Technologies Limited

Digiduka is an African FinTech that is building the largest digital retail network in Africa. This means that informal traders who serve low-income consumers in sub-Saharan Africa can now save, invest, and make money by offering financial services to their customers.

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