About me

Sandra Letio is the Founder and Director of Pelere Group Ltd. Sandra is a hardworking and open-minded person who is willing to learn at every opportunity. Even after Sandra completed her undergraduate degree in Physics and Math, she was unable to find a job. This was the main reason why she started her own business in 2012 with just $15 and some top up from her mother. She has been growing her business for 5 years; it is now worth over $700,000.

Pelere Group Limited

Manufactures of detergents and Cosmetics. #LiveCleanFeelGood.

Pelere Group Ltd is a private business that manufactures Detergents, Cosmetics, Candles and other household products. Pelere uses resources from the local community and sells its product all over Africa. It works with 20 permanent staff members, and thus helping the local economy by working with about 170 local farmers who supply Shea butter and herbs.

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