About me

Strategy/consulting executive focusing on innovation and change mgt with 10+ years of progressive experience in banking combined with 5 years of successful experience in executive advisory in various industries, led Agile tech start up.
Master's Degrees in Economics and in Law (Juris Doctor) with HR Management Postgraduate studies and strong professional development in agile, lean organization and six sigma, simplification. The blend of leadership expertise in strategy, consulting, business development & support, transformation / innovation projects.

Coaching offering

Congratulations! Being a young entrepreneur is a great adventure with full of excitement. uncertainty, risk and POTENTIAL. According to some statistics, most of the startups do not survive the first five years. But when you succeed, the rewards can be immense — not only for yourself but for the world as a whole and for your community. I am here to help you to set up your company or to propel your business to the next level of success. Strategy, Business Development and HR management are my areas of expertise.

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