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Tamer Taha, the Founder and CEO of Yomken.com, has been in the field of innovation, technology commercialisation, and consulting for more than 5 years now. His entrepreneurial experience can be summarized in having perseverance for long-term goals and flexibility for short-term tactics.
Tamer has been working with the World Bank as a Research Analyst for three years on two programs: \"Innovation and Knowledge-based Economy for Growth and Job Creation\" and \"Governance in Higher Education\" for which he contributed to a number of regional reports. In addition, Tamer had a number of consulting experiences for international, public and private entities including the EIB, UNDP, INSEAD, Platinum Partners (Egypt) and D&L Partners (Switzerland). He has also been involved in consulting for the Egyptian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology for their strategy on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Tamer has also been part of the experts’ committee of the “Innovation and Knowledge Pillar” of Egypt’s Vision 2030, as well as a mentor, assessor and trainer for some of Egypt’s youth and entrepreneurship programs and competitions.
Tamer holds a Master's degree from Paris-Sorbonne University in International Economics of Development (2010) and a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Computer Applications in Social Sciences from Cairo University (2009), where he participated in various developmental projects. He is currently pursuing his PhD remotely on “Innovation and Employment in the Arab world” at the United Nations University in Maastricht.


Yomken.com was launched back in 2012 in Cairo with a focus on the Egyptian market, but it has expanded with operations in 4 countries from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and offices in 2 countries (namely Egypt and Tunisia). The team expanded from 1 part-time employee to 11 full time employees, mostly youth.
Yomken.com (“It’s Possible” in Arabic) offers affordable, sustainable and innovative solutions by crowdsourcing R&D efforts to solve the industrial, environmental and societal challenges faced by farmers, local businesses, governmental entities and NGOs using its unique “CrowdSolving” model. In crowdsolving, solutions for such challenges are provided by the talented students, researchers, engineers, the Diaspora, etc.
Yomken.com also provides a marketplace where innovators and creative people can post their innovative projects, patents and market researches to be linked with financial vehicles (e.g. VCs, crowdfunding platforms and others) to get support and/or investment, as well as, other collaborators and knowledgeable people to assist in further developing their projects.

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