About me

A dependable, analytical, energetic, innovative problem-solver, strategic thinker, and execution master. Who wants to add value and make an impact on people’s lives.
I'm a junior engineer specialized in computer engineering, concentrated on Big data, Business Intelligence & Analytics, marketing, and management.
Over my past experience, and as an entrepreneur, I have proved my leadership, managerial skills, and my business and marketing strategies for startups.
My passion is to develop and commercialize technologies that add value to people’s life.
Areas of expertise include the mobile and data science technologies, innovation strategies, business models, business plans, startup operations, small firms finance, technology transfer, and go-to-market strategies.


Mazboot is the first Arabic mobile application for helping diabetic patients self-manage their disease.
We are trying to help millions of Arab diabetic patients by offering them self-management service within their hands helping them come over daily challenges through empowering them with personalized feedback notification system based on their daily blood glucose measurements, diet, physical activity, and medications. Patients' private doctors also can get their patients' data updated once they log it, so they can better follow-up with them.
With Mazboot, patients can get better control of their blood glucose level and hence more productivity, fewer complications, and less healthcare expenditure.
We also plan to produce an innovative hardware component to make continuous glucose monitoring easier for patients. When integrated with the app, it will be a complete diabetes management solution.
Mazboot was developed to meet the needs of diabetics who want to manage all aspects of their condition. Users can track, analyze, review and export data in detail. The application is known to about 1000 medical professionals, with many diabetes specialists recommending it to their patients

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