About me

Astute, results-oriented commercial and procurement professional with exceptional strategy design and delivery background. Energetic leader and team player with strong technical, negotiation and communications skills.

Previously worked in various management capacities at CMS, Integreon, Telefonica O2, Barclaycard, UUNET, Enterprise Oil, Shell and Xerox.

I've founded and run two businesses, including currently a commercial consultancy (www.wfworks.co.uk). I've good experience of mentoring work colleagues and, through sport, young people. I'd be delighted to help young entrepreneurs work through their start-up challenges, including business strategy development and implementation. I could also deploy my wide professional network as needed.

Coaching offering

I'd be pleased to offer coaching in 1) Business development & strategy: design & implementation of business ideas; 2) Management & HR: general management & team-building; 3) Other areas related to my expertise such as network of PR, ICT, legal & outsourcing contacts. I have in-depth knowledge in the following sectors: ICT, Renewable Energy and Consulting. I am particularly interested connecting with entrepreneurs from the ICT sector.

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