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A Serial Social entrepreneur by heart, a Creative entrepreneur by practice, #LetsCreateAfrica

Let's Create Africa

Let's Create Africa is a social enterprise that believes in empowering people to create a better life for themselves: with a great leaning towards economic empowerment & peace-building.

Our tool to meet these needs is: Education.

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Hi, I'm looking for a list of some early stage angel investors, seed investors & accelerators in Africa with their contact details.

Any help please?


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  1. By the way, you could also go to our Country Guides at the end of the page!

  2. Thank you very much Abraham.
    You've been most helpful.

  3. Hi Waihiga,
    You can also head to our list of coaches and see if any of them can help with your funding needs through their networks, or their connections to accelerators or hubs. Make sure to structure your questions and come with your needs written down to get the best responses. Coaches are pros!

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