About me

Yusuf is the founder of Eja-Ice Ltd, a solar powered refrigeration and cold chain services company. www.ejaice.com

Yusuf is an Energy and Infrastructure business developer / consultant with 10 years of experience working in clean tech, smart grid and digital factories to foster Decarbonisation, Decentralisation and Digitisation of energy across the value chain with the primary objective of enhancing operational efficiency and maximise profitability for businesses and the wider society.

Having worked with multinationals such as Panasonic Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation, he combines skills of managing large projects and trading electronic items to identify and develop missed opportunities across the value chain.

Eja-Ice Limited

Solar Powered Refrigeration and Cold chain services

Eja-Ice is a energy company focused on enabling solar powered refrigeration and cold chain services to mitigate food and medical supply waste, foster operational efficiency and sustain profitability for businesses.

We started out in 2018 with the desire to mitigate fish waste by offering a lease to own solar powered freezer to enable fish retailers (Women) mitigate waste and sustain their business profit for growth.

We have since then served other domestic, SME's and the medical sector supporting covid-19 molecular labs to refrigerate their reagents and beverage businesses to get their products to market.

We aspire to develop the rural cold chain network across AfCFTA member countries enabling rural businesses move their goods across Africa for growth and sustainability.

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