The Ye! Community is calling all Ugandan entrepreneurs under 30 to participate in the Ye! Uganda Summit 2018 to compete and win the Ye! Community Uganda - Young Entrepreneur Award! Apply today for a chance to present your enterprise in front of an esteemed Jury of local entreprenuers, government officials and investors for the chance to get invested and gain exposure!

The Ye! Community Uganda Summit is organized in collaboration with UN Women Uganda, USSIA, the Kafeero Foundation, Enterprise Uganda and Pelere Group.

How does it work?

Who can apply?

  • The applicant is under 30 years old and is the founder or co-founder of the business/enterprise

  • The business demonstrates a positive impact on society

  • The business is beyond the idea stage

Applicants who make it to the second round will be asked to supply the following

  1. Financial statements including the current YTD period (preferably audited)
  2. Recent business plan 
  3. Company’s registration document
  4. Proof of age (Copy of ID or Passport)
  5. 10 Slide pitch deck 

Any other information which can support your enterprise.

Application Deadline

Application Deadline is 13 August 2018.

Apply now

Terms & conditions

The deadline to apply is August 13 2018.