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APOLLO (Convert, Charge and Share Your Power)

Apollo is geared toward energy efficiency and battery charging convenience. This will be the first smartphone flip case installed with two renewable energy sources converter: solar and kinetic energy and be able to share its power wirelessly. Imagine having the luxury or convenience of being able to charge anywhere and anytime you like. Also, given a significant amount of Apollo users over a long period of time, will have a positive impact on the impending power crisis this year or the next. This particular issue was also one of the factors why we came up with this product. Another turning point that inspired us to make this startup is the different calamities that distraught our country the past year. To name a few, we experienced the wrath of nature such as Typhoon Haiyan Tacloban, and the massive earthquake in Bohol. During these dire times, when power interruptions occur in affected communities, Apollo will be of great help, especially in terms of communication, which is essential in the countermeasures against these calamities.

APOLLO is determined to solve different problems ranging from personal aspects to worldwide complications that most Smartphone users contribute to or experiences. They are as follows:

1. To Increase the safeness and greatly reduce the constraints of battery-charging.
2. To lessen the negative environmental effects of charging thru efficient use of renewable resources.
3. To positively affect the impending power crisis by cutting down unnecessary utility bills produced by the use or misuse of the conventional chargers.
4. To greatly increase the power of communication by providing accessible channels for mobile phones during calamities such as typhoons and earthquakes.
5. Apollo being a green technology contributes to end the “cradle to grave” cycle and turn it into “cradle to cradle” concept.
6. To empower chosen communities by giving them responsibilities and avenues for gains, learn and progress.
7. To contribute on the revolution of the green technologies and to be able to inspire others to start using and developing a greener future for us and the future generation.