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I believe that there are many ways to make our world better but for me, it is through the integration of technology and design. Knowing the problems that our farmers are experiencing right now which is lack of access to farm funding and low productivity, we knew we had to do something about it as much hope is pinned on agricultural development as it is the sector that provides the basic production of the food we eat. Thus, we are building a way for people to help our local farmers and be part of this cause through Cropital.

Cropital is a crowdfunding platform that connects interested investors to local farmers. We help farmers gain access to scalable and sustainable funding; and introduce a new form of investment medium for people who want to grow their money but at the same time wants to give back to our community. We believe that it is high time we encourage the change in mindset of our farmers into becoming more entrepreneurial. Cropital will not only provide funding but also guide them with best practices and information on managing their farms.

Help us accelerate growth to our enterprise and reach the millions of farmers in the world, and together with my team, let’s start sustainably changing lives one crop at a time.