To comply with environmental management policies of the Philippine government, many local government passed the Total Plastic Bag Ban Act. In support of these policies, we thought of producing a handy bag that one can bring along all the time, which is also lightweight and sturdy.

We patronize and support our local businesses and micro & small enterprises. In selecting our suppliers and sub-contractors, we reach out to such producers whose business practice also include giving job opportunities to the less fortunate within their communities.

From a foldable bag, we later expanded to different kinds of bags for travel, sports and daily use. From selling online to joining bazaars, we now have stalls in 2 different areas.

By partnering with other local businesses, empowering unemployed/less fortunate people and of course by catering to our clients' needs, we are helping improve the lives of the people in our own way.

Please vote for us to be able to join in this Camp and help more people too! Thank you! :)