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My parents don't really like me running a startup. How do your parents feel about it?


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  1. Ya mine don't like it either. But I am dedicated. Does anyone receive help from their parents?

  2. I used to but don't anymore. I never felt bad about receiving help from them. A lot of people do. They just don't talk about it.

  3. My parents think I should get a real job. They don't believe in my idea so they don't support me. It can be really tough.

  4. My parents like it, but they also don't understand why I would choose to work in a field where I won't see profits for a long time. I guess they just don't understand.

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Hi Abhisehk,

My name is Juan and I work in agriculture. My question is, do you have any suggestions for signs when you know your business plan is not working? When do you know when to pivot or change direction? some key indicators for example.


  1. Hi Juan, Thank you for your question. I am assuming you mean: identifying indicators your business is not working? The number one sign in my opinion is unhappy clients. If you are an entrepreneur on a small scale, you should be talking to your clients. They will provide you feedback on what is and what isnt working? That will tell you whether what you do is providing value and provide clues to improve your model. Everything else, financial indicators flow from client satisfaction. Secondly, pay attention to cash flow. You can google a term called "burn rate" that entrepreneurs guage to see how much time they have before certain failure. Hope that answers your question. Feel free to ask something more specific.

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