Time to set your target for 2019!

This little tool (kindly offered by angel investor Christoph Janz) allows you to enter your MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) as of the end of 2018 and a target growth factor for 2019. It then calculates your MRR target for the end of 2019 and shows you three different growth paths that lead to that goal. One is based on linear growth, one on exponential growth and the third one shows a trajectory between the linear and the exponential path.

Key Features

  • Estimate your end of 2019 target MRR by simply entering your 2016 figure and your target growth factor

  • Generates 3 growth scenarios – linear, exponential and “happen medium”. So you can choose the one the suits your reality

  • Suitable for SaaS startups

* Here is a great blog post he's written about the problem with month-over-month growth rates typically presented by startsup founders. Worth a read if you want to get a (better) understanding of the above caculator.

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