The efficient AI software solves the hassle of scheduling meetings and appointments.
With your personal assistant Amy Ingram will take care of all your meeting scheduling. Amy is really good at sounding human and understands context in email so she will pick up the discussion and ask the right questions to the other person in order to set up the meeting details.

Key Features:

  1. In your inbox – just CC AI assistants to schedule a meeting. No back-and-forth.
  2. On your Slack – set something up without interrupting the flow of conversation.
  3. AI Engine – hyper intelligent reasoning engine learns exactly when, where and how long you like to meet.
  4. On your webpage – personalized webpage lets guests book time with you at the click of a button.
  5. In your calendar – click the reschedule link in the invite when plans change at the last minute.

Check out the video below to see how it works: 

Try for a 14-day free trial (no credit card required) and then get the plan you need. Read more on and solve the hassle of scheduling meetings and appointments.

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