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Like a pocket AI therapist

Youper is one of the first self-help mental health apps to include an AI assistant that combines mindfulness and meditation techniques into instant message conversations to help you maintain your mental well-being. If you and your employees need a boost to improve your mood, tell Youper what’s bothering you and have a conversation with the AI assistant.

Youper has free features. You can choose to subscribe to an Emotional Health Plan to unlock additional premium features.

Key Features:

  1. Quick and tailored conversations that can change your day, incorporated with different psychological techniques
  2. Symptom monitoring, including monitoring symptoms for anxiety, depression, social anxiety, and other mental health conditions
  3. Beautiful mood tracker tracks your mood, discovers factors influencing your mood,  the app then  generates elegant graphics to show mood patterns over time
  4. Personality tests help you uncover your personality type, to know more about yourself and understand what makes you tick